Window glass thickness dating technique Parachat fetish

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Window glass thickness dating technique

Back to top Banding The application of decorative bands of enamel or precious-metal compounds, normally by machine, to containers such as tumblers, cups, cosmetics bottles, etc.Barium crown glass Barium crown glasses contain larger proportions of boron oxide and barium oxide with a relatively low Si O2 content.Acid polishing A process used in the production of cut crystal to remove the opacity of etched surfaces where decoration has been applied.Items to be polished are immersed in a mixture of demineralized water, sulphuric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and then rinsed.A takeout mechanism then lifts the container from the mould.

Annealing Under natural conditions, the surface of molten glass will cool more rapidly than the centre.The glass can be stabilised against devitrification and weathering by adding small amounts of substances such as aluminium oxide Batch A term used to refer to the raw materials required to produce the desired type of glass once they have been weighed and mixed, and are ready for melting.Bending A process used widely in the production of bowls, plates, ashtrays, etc., whereby the shaped glass article (which may be pre-printed) still in sheet form is placed on a stainless steel, sheet steel or cast iron mould coated with talc or powdered chalk.The elongated gob of molten glass formed by the gob feeder falls into the inverted parison (blank) mould.It is blown down into the mould (settle blow) before being blown from below (counter blow) back up into the now closed mould.

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